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Such a shame. Socialism refutes itself, and the power mongers never look inward to blame. It’s always someone else’s fault.

-Jeffrey Tucker

The power goes out all over Venezuela…that can’t be incompetence, corruption, and laziness, no! That’s due to sabotage! 

The healthcare exchange website fails on its trial run — that’s the capitalists we hired (who were your friends), it’s the Republicans (who didn’t vote for the law and are just sitting back watching the whole thing implode), its sabotage! But there’s no way it’s incompetence or laziness, or corruption.

The French economy couldn’t hit positive growth even with German laborers getting taxed by the EU…but that’s not lazy “workers”, incompetent administrators and corrupt politicians…no! That’s evil rich people and capitalists!

The main issue isn’t so much socialism as the people it appeals to: lazy free riders and hucksters masquerading as “experts” and “leaders” — the sorts that go to good schools and think of themselves as smart, wordily…better than you. It’s not possible that they are collosal fuckups, in their minds, and to even entertain the idea would shatter their egos.