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And they’re going about it with the usual elan I’ve come to expect. After having 2014 handed to them by the incompetence of Democrats, the GOP establishment is proving how much daylight there is between Progressive Democrats and Progressive “Conservative” Republicans: nothing.

The establishment would have you think the goal with the new budget deal is simple: avoid the Republicans having bad things said about them because they’re desperate to win in 2014. This is not the case. They do not want to repeal Obamacare, no matter what they say. They want to steal your money in taxes, give it to their favored interests, and reap the kickbacks in campaign contributions and post-Congress job offers (should they lose their seat) that comes with this government largess. If you or I did this, it would be called money laundering — but these people are better than you, don’t you realize?

However the establishment — let’s just call them what they are, the wannabe aristocrats — have a problem. The people that vote Republican have gotten tired of being lied to by the likes of Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, and the rest of the crusty old bastards that long ago should have been caught and released in the geriatric game preserves of Florida and Arizona. Like Janus, they are two-faced — throwing the usual pro-free market, low tax and regulation rhetoric to the public, then cutting deals with their favorite Progressive lunatic over a $20,000 plate dinner. And we see it now. The internet and the preservation of their every public prevarication keeps coming back to bite them on the ass.

The budget deal manages to “save” $16 billion in “cost reduction” and $7 billion in new revenues (they call them fees, but they’re taxes)…for another $62 billion in discretionary spending. No need to grab your calculator — that means we have a savings of negative $39 billion. 

What was the response of the panjandrums of the Grand Ol’ Party?

That’s right…you have lost credibility. Not the orange-skinned crybaby running the House. Not Mr. Slick and Athletic Paul Ryan, Not Eric Cantor. You…you’re just so unreasonable to want them to actual manage the affairs of state with some level of fealty to common sense, good economic policy, and constitutional law. Dammit, don’t you realize these guys are better than you!?! 

Yes, Republicans — that’s another wasted $39 billion for Progressive to piss into the wind, and your alleged representatives are on board with this, in the desperate hope they might get enough votes to grab a chairman position or two and have more  control over your taxes. And you idiots are going to vote for them, aren’t you?

“Well, the Democrats are worse!” I hear you crying through the interwebz. Yes. They’ve proven they couldn’t run a sidewalk lemonade stand, much less put together a simple shopping website — something 12 year olds are doing every day.

So why not actually push hard to lose these assholes? If there’s a primary challenge, get out and stump for the guy. It doesn’t matter if they have the intellect of a warm turnip. It doesn’t matter if they’re bughouse crazy — we’ve had the likes of Cynthia McKinney, Alan Grayson (who apparently can’t go to the bank without getting ripped off for millions), and the exemplar of stupid Hank Johnson (of Guam capsizing infamy) — you can vote ’em out in two years.

Toss them all out! Both sides. Hell, take a chance and vote libertarian — what’s the worst that could happen? A couple of pro-pot politicians leave you the fuck alone.