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Remember, this is a respected “news” persona being interviewed by a pretentious hack that got run out of the media market in his own country:

So what’s the takeaway from Bab’s revelations here?

We thought that he was going to be – I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but – the next messiah.

1) For all their atheistic claptrap, Progressives are awash in the reformist themes of the Second Great Awakening. 2) It shows the utter credulousness of the media — that they were romanced an empty shirt with no record they would then hold up as some kind of demigod should make anyone question their motives or intellectual ability. 3) The desperate desire of certain demographics for a Nietzschean ubermensch to save them from themselves.

 It’s very difficult when the expectations for you are very high. You’re almost better off when they are low and then they rise and rise.

That Progressives had unrealistic expectations of Obama, and by extension their own desires and beliefs for how things could (should) be, only to see them crumble under the weight of reality should also be instructive when dealing with those in love with the idea of allowing “experts” to tinker with society and the economy: People who live in a fantasy world should not be trusted to manage the everyday affairs of people, society, and the economy.