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Reason has a great video that I remember from around when it occurred wherein Hillary Clinton commits a random act of political honesty. Contrary to the title of the video, this is not a stupid comment when taken in the correct context…

She doesn’t mean there’s too much money in it for the drug dealers and growers — she means there’s too damned much money connected to enforcement of drug trafficking. There’s the $52 billion/year for drug enforcement, about $9 billion for prison systems, another $2 billion at the federal level for asset forfeiture (and about the same amount for the state’s when combined.) So assuming there’s the usual “accuracy” in the government projections, that’s about $70 billion a year to fight drugs. Now add to that the under-the-table operations and corruption that comes from the Drug Enforcement Administration being in bed with the Sinaloa cartel since 2001…

“…there’s just too much money in it.”

And that doesn’t get into the perks of no-knock warrants, lenient approaches to use of force against alleged perpetrators, rampant surveillance. It’s a certainty our massive police state won’t allow the end of the drug war, despite it’s obvious failure.