Being a modern, Western person, I was brought up with the usual cultural relativism that Progressives have been feeding us since the start of the 20th Century, and viewed Islam with an open mind and a level of acceptance…until I started having direct experience with them in the military and my following career.

This is the truth.

As an intelligence analyst, we were plunged into Muslim culture and history, which I had already specialized in for my bachelor’s degree in history. All the huggy-squeezy Progressive crap; all the politicians’ pandering about “good” and “bad” Muslims, and the peaceful nature of Islam is bullshit. This is why the intelligence and law enforcement efforts against Islam are bound to fail — the notion that “radicalization” is unusual; it is not. Radicalization is almost inevitable for the truly faithful.

Read the Quran (I have. In Arabic.) It is a violent screed with exhortations to war on nearly ever page. All the histories that portray Islam as the victim of the Crusades fail to mention the four centuries of murder and forced conversions of Jews and Christians in the Levant and Holy Lands, in Africa, and in southern Europe.

Americans want to be open-minded, want to believe that most folks just want to get on with their lives, that there is a way we can coexist (as many bumper stickered idiots’ car tell us.) They are wrong. Islam’s adherents do not want to live side-by-side with you. They want you to submit (Islam is a fourth measure noun — it means “submission”, not peace [salaam].)

You think you can negotiate or coexist with this, you are in for a big bloody surprise.