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There’s been a fairly big row in the news about a jogger who was tackled and arrested by overly “zealous” Austin cops. She had her headphones on and didn’t hear the Jaywalking Brigade order her to stop. This consistuted having shown disrespect to their authoritah, so they hit her with resisting arrest and failure to respond to orders.

It was — of course — caught on video and the civil rights crowd on the interwebz went Fukushima over the incident. Austin PD’s police chief Art Acevedo, however, is on the case with this brilliant bit of damage control:

Cops are actually committing sexual assaults on duty so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas…

So…this really wasn’t a big deal because, hey! we didn’t rape you. This is how comfortable the police state is with misconduct now. Even better, Acevedo (Hey The Shield fans — you think he goes by “ass invader”?) is proud…

And I’m glad that I’m here having to address mediocrity.

Hey, my guys — they’re really sort of averagey. Mediocre, even, in their misconduct. You might say banal, if you cracked a thesaurus… Acevedo has recently apologized for being stupid making a poor analogy. So that should settle the matter, right, people?

On the whole rapey police thing, I’d suggest not visiting the southern portion of my state unless you like officially-sanctioned ass probing. You’d think aliens had landed in New Mexico and joined the police force. There’s a show for you, CW.