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Drugs, gangs, violence, teachers that don’t know their subjects, curriculum designed by technocrats with no knowledge of child learning needs, zero-tolerance nonsense, taser-happy cops in schools — if that’s not enough to convince you public schools systems need to be disbanded and remade in an image that meets the needs of the child, not the state or teacher’s unions, try this…

The school administrator has some of this right — it’s not effective. It creates angry kids who think violence and control are how you get people to do what you want. This is particularly ineffective against children who are already receiving this lesson at home, or who have some kind of cognitive impairments. But he misses the point of these kinds of punishments…it’s not to protect the kid or even the teachers from harm.

This is about instilling fear and respect for public figures. You listen to your teachers because they are authority. You listen to the school cops — they are the authority. If you do not, you will be beaten, tased, choked, tortured, placed in solitary confinement, or murdered. You are being taught to be compliant, while your education is designed to destroy faith in the documents that confirm your rights and leave you wholly unprepared for real life. It creates a cowed, stupid population that does what the wealthy technocrats and their sycophantic politicians want.