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Here’s the Creature from Texas’ District 18 — and good job giving the nation this twit, Texas! — railing against the “Enforce the Law” bill that the Republicans are using to illustrate the president’s unconstitutional “adjustments” to the Affordable Care Act.

Oh, where to begin with this convoluted collection of nonsense..?

1) The Constitution was passed in 1789, 225 years ago. The Bill of Rights was added in 1791. You think a Yale graduate might know that…unless you’ve actually met Ivy League school people. Then it’s no surprise.

2) The Enforce the Law Act is unnecessary, as the Constitution requires the President to enforce and uphold the laws passed by Congress. But it is certainly not unconstitutional. Nor does the Constitution tell us what is constitutional or not (sigh!) — the Constitution sets up the system and primary law of the nation, and the Bill of Rights acknowledges — it does not grant — us our rights.

3) Freedom…I’m not certain that Lee owns a dictionary, or could wrap her aging, addled brain around the concept. That freedom is about “raising issues” is a stunningly narrow concept of liberty. That freedom is a consequence of the “opportunity” of democracy is, well, symptomatic of Lee’s idiocy.

4) Lee is a product of the University of Virginia’s law school and Yale. You parents out there blowing money on these institutions might want to rethink your children’s education.