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Here’s the skinny, so far: a rancher named Cliven Bundy has been locked into a two decade battle with the federal government over grazing fees. Bundy claims preemption since his family has been ranching on the land since the 1880s. A recent court decision found against bundy and the Bureau of Land Management decided to jump in SWAT-style on Bundy and round up his cattle on the federal land. But it was the how they did it that spurred the ire of Americans — the use of eight helicopters, for-hire cowboys, and BLM SWAT teams (yes…they have them), as well as local law enforcement to surround the Bundy ranch in preparation for this decade’s Waco standoff. When a video of BLM thugs attacking protesters with tasers and dogs surfaced, that was it — states rights, gun rights, and property rights activists lit up the interwebz, and hundreds converged (many armed) on the ranch to help the old man out.

In this confrontation, BLM drove into a 58 year old woman…twice. They knocked down a pregnant woman. They sicced a dog and tased one man without provocation.

Faced with an influx of armed patriots sick of the encroachment of Progressive politicians on their lives and those of others, the BLM returned most of Bundy’s cattle and fell back (mostly, it seems due to a lack of local law enforcement officers wanting to back them up and get shot int he process…)

But it’s not over. There is still a three mile wide no-fly area over the ranch, more materiel has been moving into the vicinity, and Harry Reid — whose involvement in the BLM’s actions has been questioned due to his son, Rory’s, shilling for a Chinese energy concern (ENN) looking to build solar farms throughout the area…including near to the area in dispute. Additionally, the new head of the BLM is Neil Kornze, a long-time Reid staffer

Here’s the odious Reid speaking on the matter:

Even more humorously than Reid the Elder’s comments is his son’s quip, “We believe in a country in which we are subject to laws and you can’t just ignore the laws we don’t like…” (Like Obamacare, the 2nd Amendment, border control, immigration law, election law…)

And here’s Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association: 

Unfortunately for the BLM and local law enforcement, it looks like Bundy’s supporters didn’t fall for the strategic withdrawal and go home — as many as 500-800 are anticipating the return of the police in force, and are ready to meet it.