This is from 2008 — if you had talked to me at that time, I’d have had similar sentiments, but over the last six years, I’ve watched the US bully other nations into turning toward police state hijinks, into giving up information on their own people for tax purposes; watched the US spy extensively on…well, everyone. The rise of militarized police started with the drug war, but has accelerated to frightening levels under the current administration. The respect for rule of law, for contract, for personal privacy, for private property, for personal responsibility and freedom has collapsed.

If anything, I’ve become ashamed and distrustful of my government, the American people for consistently elected dirtbags then accepting for their overreaching, meddlesome directives.

I’m apparently not alone. A Harvard poll shows young Americans have historically low trust in the government…and why should they? (Guess you kids shouldn’t have voted for the Great BLack Hope, huh..? And with “[t]he poll showed Clinton has a favorable rating of 52% among millennials” we can expect you brain-dead idiots will vote for the next statist, ineffective crook in 2016. [Really…have you actually paid attention at all the last 6 years?] )