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Ya know…I was willing to ding her on being ill-read and uninformed, but now the easy breezy stupid girl Krystal Ball — anchor chick over at the execrable MSNBC — has decided to insist that Animal Farm is actually a polemic on evil capitalists, despite over half a century of literary criticism and the author’s own stated purpose to the contrary. The retrenchment is so truly, mind-numbingly mentally deficient that it’s led to a wonderful Twitter feed — the Krystal Ball Reading Club.

Here’s one of the best analyses on the interwebz of Krystal Ball’s lack of qualifications for anything other than a burger-flipper (and that might tax her processing power) from CJ Ciaramella over at The Federalst:

So Animal Farm might be the worst analogy for the problems of late capitalism. A better example might be that our system has produced someone with the critical reading skills of a potato, and then allowed her to rise to the position of a national TV news host, mostly by virtue of her membership in the entrenched political class.

CJ, don’t forget the real reason she’s flapping her yap on the boob tube: she’s physically attractive. That’s pretty much it.

Smell the stupid: