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After long-time (and I mean long time) Mississippi Senator Thad “I’ve been senile for years” Cochran was cajoled into running one last time (after having announced his retirement) against Tea Party-type Chris McDaniel, only to lose just enough to be in a run-off (giving him close to around multiple of zero change of winning), the crusty old Big Government Progressives in the Republican Party can’t be too happy about the following news:

Eric Cantor, long thought of by the Haaavahd and Yale “elites” that have been jacking up the country since about 1900, to be the next Speaker, should they have to concede John “Crybaby” Boehner to appease the Republican rank-and-file, isn’t doing so hot in his own primary challenge… In just two years, he’s fallen from about 72 support to just barely topping 50% vs. Dave Brat’s 40%.

Maybe, just maybe, Americans want an option to the Democrat’s Progressivism, and it’s zero-calorie version in the GOP.