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Another “spate” of gun violence has prompted the president to open his trap and spew the usual nonsense about burgeoning amounts of gun violence and school shootings, and the “obvious” need to limit the People in their right to own and carry weaponry. That the violence isn’t necessarily a function of guns — the Santa Barbara incident involved assault with a knife and an automobile — but of a culture that has bred a lack of ability in people (particularly the underaged murderers of school shootings) to handle disappointment (the Santa Barbara shooter couldn’t get women to sleep with him) or hatred, or bullying; others are guided by a skewed worldview that created hatred or existential angst.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, unfortunately, shows that the media hype about increasing numbers of shootings is a load of bunk. Here’s a chart that gets to the gist of the matter:

schoolviolenceThe violence in schools has dropped to the lowest level since 1992.

[It was pointed out by reader Andy that the chart only goes to 2010 — so what about the 2011-2014 (creent) period?]

Update: Here’s a quick total of the deaths from school shootings since 2010, the end of that chart:

2011: 7, 2012: 43 (Newtown accounted for 28 of those), 2013: 26, 2014 (as of June 11): 19

In other words, it’s continuing to fall, with the Newtown shootings skewing the data for 2012.