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and this is the problem with law enforcement over the last decade or so. Since 9/11, the police, intelligence, and military communities have blended to a disturbing level. Partly, this is due to the War on Terror and the fear of another major event. More dangerously, the militarization and increased police violence around the country is due to the confluence various events — the blurring of the military and police through DOD weapons recycling programs which has created a new market for military products in civilian policing, the massive grants that are leading the police to participate in the War of Terror programs (as well as the related asset forfeiture programs of the War on Drugs), the hiring of former combat soldiers into police departments, and the focus on policing as “warfare” and the security of officers taking precedent over the safety of their charges (the public.)

See how many flawed assumptions you can find in this video:

Keep in mind Sheriff Michael “I Am the Law!” Gayer’s warzone is the pastoral Pulaski County, Indiana — population 13,000 — a place rife with corn theft, cow tipping, underage drinking and sex, and…well, not much else. But the MRAP is an awesome toy, isn’t it? (Unless you’re on a steep grade, then they tend to flip over; oh, and there’s the whole “they don’t do well against incendiary attacks” thing…)

A bit scarier than school shootings, isn’t it? If you’re answer was “no”, you’re not thinking it through.