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I was never a big fan of Carolla when he was doing The Man Show but the more i see of this guy, the more I hear him on life and the loss of common sense and respect for others, the more I like him — so worth it for the Villaraigosa stuff.

More on patent trolling:

Related and breaking: The Supreme Court has found in Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank that an idea cannot be patented. This ruling could stop $29 billion in damages to the economy, and will aid Carolla’s case. This ruling is in keeping with previous understandings of intellectual property — both copyrights and patents, that an idea cannot be patented, just the expression. So if I want to write a story similar to Harry Potter, so long as it is sufficiently different — the expression is not the same — I can go ahead and write about a bunch of magic-using kids fighting an ancient evil.

In fact, the ability to use ideas syncretically or dialectically is essential to innovation in ideas, technology, science, or culture. Cultural capital, once in the public domain, is no longer the creation of the artist; it is the use by the consumer that gives the work purpose.