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It must be terribly frustrating to be a Progressive “news” person — first, a series of polls show that Americans, despite the constant drone of anti-Israeli reports from Gaza, see HAMAS (rightly) as a terror organization, and the Palestinians as the aggressor in the conflict. Even the WaPo/NBC poll showed a vast majority though US policy should be more even-handed, with a 30% margin favoring the Israelis over the Palestinians (4%). A plurality found Israeli actions justified.

To cap it off, real news reporters out of various countries have shown that the Israelis are telling the truth — HAMAS is using its own people as human shields, placing their weapons depots and mortar positions in civilian locations to try and incur higher civilian casualties and gin up support.

First up, the anti-Israeli France 24:

India’s NDTV:

How about Helsingen Sanomat out of Finland?

And could it be that the Palestinians are lying about the civilian causalities, as they were in 2006 (Google “Pallywood”…) and that much of it is staged?