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File under “Of course they do…”

So much for the Obamanut’s attacks on big business. Progressives don’t hate big business; they hate big business they can’t boss around or bilk for money. Exhibit A: the Department of justice now wants to lighten sentences for various financial crimes. Are you an embezzler? Scam artist? A former governor that “lost” $1.3 billion of your investors’ money? The lawyers of the American Bar Association and the US Sentencing Commission want to help you be all the scumbag you can be by cutting sentences for crimes like yours! Of course, their suggestions are just that — they’re not mandatory (yet.)

“It’s real easy to talk about 10, 15, 20 years, but when you realize just how much time you’re talking about … it’s too much,” said Washington defense leech Barry Boss, an ABA task force member.

Wrong. Very wrong. Let’s break this down to number, Barry: The average person costs their parents about $250,000 to raise, with another $40-50,000 for college. Over the course of a lifetime, the average person earns about $800,000-$1m. So the financial impact of a person is roughly $1.25 million dollars for the course of their lifetime.

Here’s my sentencing suggest: If you rob, swindle, or “lose” your investors’ money to the tune of over $2 million dollars, it’s a capital crime like murder. You’ve stolen the equivalent of a person’s life in economic terms. Hang ’em.