Payscale.com did a study of 68,000 workers to find out what college majors lead to an EBT card and living in your parent’s spare room. The results are a surprise to no one…

underemploymentSo all you folks studying to be Batman…don’t. Same goes for all those squishy, easy subjects like history, sociology, philosophy, and art history. This only dealt with bachelor’s degrees — which is problematic due to certification inflation. The larger supply of young Americans conned into pursuing degrees regardless of the subject have debased the value of the entry degrees.

One of the reasons that employers can’t fill jobs or keep people are due to a lack of certain skills — like being able to show up on time and actually do your job, or being able to get along with your workmates. Here’s the “soft skills” employers look for:

soft skillsIn other words, employers need folks that aren’t lazy, tardy loners.

Here’s the hard skills most look for:

hard skillsCan you use Office? You’re halfway there.

So do you want a well-paying job? The answer hasn’t changed since WWII. That’s the “hard” majors, boys and girls — engineering, science, and math. You want to skate through college with that PhD in Philosophy? It might be personally fulfilling, but when your “not using your degree” as a $10/hr greeter at Walmart, you can philosophize on how your bad decisions led to feeling under appreciated at the local big box store.