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Here’s a video burning up the internets — and with good reason. After watching these monsters murder folks while monologuing like a James Bond villain about their strength, courage, and desire for death, we get to see this…


Enjoy the schadenfreude — really, it’s well deserved.

1) What the hell is it with the Middle East and slapping people like your their mommy?

2) The need and reaction to being slapped should give you some insight into the Muslim mind. Remember, for the most part, these misogynistic sots are spoiled by their sequestered, oft-uneducated mothers, while their fathers are in the public sphere blathering about the superiority of Muslim men. They get a nice dose of self-involved narcissism, mixed with religious exhortations to virile and romantic violence (much like the fascists of the 1930s/)

They’re bullies. And like most bullies, they only stop picking on folks when you beat the stuffing out of them. They’ll come back after a bit of time — all bullies do. They are creatures to be wary of because of the violence they engender, but fear..?

3) Maybe we need to hire a bunch of Kurdish women to slap terrorist faces to get intelligence.