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Try and follow Lurch through his thinking here. It’s a challenge. Apparently, Genesis clearly lays out the threats of climate change to Muslim countries (no, not really…) and this threat must be combatted.

Experience the stupid:

Now, what would possibly possess this pandering, self-promoting, golddigging hack to suggest that Genesis — scripture written long before Mohammed scrawled out his “correction” to the other Prophets (so, unless they had time traveling Jewish scribes, they’d never have heard of the then non-existent religion…) — says we have to protect Muslims against global warming?

Simple. Shaarik Zafar — the man he’s thanking so profusely while making him the Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the State Department — is a young Muslim lawyer connected to the big money types at Council for American-Islamic Relations and the Organization for Islamic Conference — Muslim taqqiya organizations. He’s a young lawyer from UT Austin’s law school who has spent 14 years trolling through the government security apparatus after being hired by the Bush bunch to counter backlash toward the Muslim community after 9/11. His bio at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy covers some of this:

Shaarik Zafar is deputy chief of the Homeland, Cyber, and Countering Violent Extremism Group in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, National Counterterrorism Center. He has also served as a director for global engagement on the White House National Security Staff and a senior policy advisor in the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

He’s part of the Islamic bloc that has been growing, particularly since 9/11, in the United States government. Much of this appeasement wing of the government is fueled by poicy from the aforementioned Washington Institute for Near East Policy — a 501(3)3 interest group that describes itself as seeking  “…to advance a balanced and realistic understanding of American interests in the Middle East and to promote the policies that secure them.” The current and former directors of the institute are the usual collection of Ivy League flacks that have directed ham-handed policy toward the Middle East. They are the two-state solution idiots and Big Oil cronies that look to meddle in the Middle East to the benefit of their big money patrons.

For these guys “religion matters” — because if we can just get the right Muslim faces, speaking the usually nonsensical Progressive blather, we can stabilize the Muslim world. It’s the sort of idealistic claptrap that usually falls from the lips of undereducated, underexperienced Ivy leaguers of the political class.

On another note — could you Haaaaavahd and Yale types at least try to find an actual quote from the Bible to use, if you’re going to cite scripture (or any other book that you only read the Cliff Notes on)?