My fam’s from Dumbarton. Scottish politics, despite my living very far away in the American Southwest, is something I have concerns and opinions on. The impending independence vote is looming, and watching the antics of Salmon and Co. I find myself somewhat concerned about the direction the country might be taken in. So here’s a few things to keep in mind, fellow keelies…

1) Independence is romantic…but it’s also hard F$%^ing work.

250 or so years, and the US is still having to work at this.

Say the Scots pull the trigger and go it alone. You aren’t going to have that £26B pounds from the morons in Westminster coming your way anymore. You’re going to have to pull more weight than you have for the overall health of the economy. Tourism is just not going to cut it.

Scotland has oil — and a lot of it. They’ve got water, fishing, plenty of grazing land. There’s whiskey — and that’s a massive world-wide market. They’ve got tourism. but industry..? Pretty weak. People with smarts and education? Sure…but not much success with that Silicon Glen. Which brings up point 2:

2) Stay the f@#$ out of the European Union!!!

Unless you want to be the next Ireland or Iceland, finding out quickly how little Brussels gives a crap for your quaint island existence — but oh! how they love to tax and regulate you! — stay the hell out of the sinking ship that is the EU! You’d be better off in the Scandinavia partnerships than the EU.

Salmon and his bunch, unfortunately, are tainted — as is much of British intelligentsia — by idiotic notions of Marxism, Fabian socialists, and other meddlesome twits, be they hereditary or elected aristocrats. Try the Scottish approach…the real one that Adam Smith championed:

3) Freedom and Property

Cut the tax and regulatory burdens as much as possible. Let people start a business in their home, or sell meat pies on their lawn, or get together and fire up that 3D printing company. Toss people off the damned dole and get them working. Not enough jobs? Well, if you’re out of the EU, send the Poles and others home. (Although the Poles actually work.)

Get out of the way and stop throwing fees, taxes, and other crap on peple owning a TV set, or having a water spigot on their house, or any of the bevy of stupid wee niggling things that drag down a people. Letting them own the lives, work, and property is essential to getting folks to work, innovate, and feel safe in their lives.

Get innovative and small with the government. It’s a small country with a small population — big ticket programs are not the way to go. Your politicians aren’t aristocrats, shouldn’t be, and they should have only enough power to keep you all from killing each other.

On that note — what about the police? No more Scotland Yard. Do you go for expensive policing actions that based on the number of murders that happened the two weeks i was in Scotland last, aren’t doing much of anything? Maybe it’s time to let people own weapons. You want to license them? You want to require training? Go for it! But one thing we’ve seen in the US since concealed carry started sweeping the nation is a drop in violent crime. It also plays into the next bit —

4) Get some damned friends! With guns.

You go it alone and England is going to go after you economically. If you don’t want a new riff on the Darian scheme, you have to get trade partners, and fast (not the EU!) so as to stabilize your economy. You are also going to need a military. Sad but true. Unless you go the smart road and arm everyone, as in Switzerland, you better get yourself a navy at the very least. Get a defense ally. I hear the US has a bunch of stuff they’ll sell you, cheap…and it means our cops might not get as much crap to aim at the people here.

Oh, you want to live in peace with everyone? That’s sweet. Didn’t you notice what’s happening in the Middle East? Or Estonia? Or hell, Rotherham? You need a military or you need to trust your people to defend the nation…which means private ownership of guns. Admiral Yamamoto thought attacking the United States in 1941 was suicide because “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.”

If you’re going for freedom and independence, go for broke!