Franco Malenotti, the guy who made Belstaff stop sucking, and who helped design the Laverda Jota, RGS, and the Moto Morini 500 turbo, has purchased the Matchless motorcycle marque and appears to be showing the new bike at the EICMA show in Milan this November.

The original Matchless Model X was made from 1929-1940 and was a 990cc V-twin — an engine so well made Brough used it for their SS80 and SS100 bikes. If could hit 80mph.


The new Matchless Model X will do the oil in the frame thing, will have a 1916cc V-twin (I’m guessing S&S — which would be appropriate, as the Matchless mill used to be used by Morgan…) It supposedly has two sets of foot controls, forward-cruising and sport riding rearsets, and the front brake is a 12-piston single-disc with a rear 6-piston unit. The seat can be set to different heights.


2MatchlessXPics cribbed from Cyril Huze’s blog. The comments are generally unflattering, but I suspect that’s because the usual Brit retro crowd thought they were going to get another quasi-modern like the Norton Commando or a Bonnie knockoff. I think Malenotti caught the favor of the original pre-war Model X.

most likely, it’s going to be ridiculously expensive, because I think I’d like one.