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“The Turk is at the door” used to be a warning Europeans heard about Islam, but it’s not at your door — it’s in your favorite chair, smoking your cigars and watching your TV after having just murdered your wife…

A Muslim convert, Alton Nolen, just brought the beheading craze to the United States. Nolen — a drug user, had been in prison (and escaped) for drug crimes, and had previously assaulted a police officer. This model citizen had just been fired from Vaughan Foods and showed up to go on the typical workplace violence kick yesterday afternoon. He stabbed and beheaded the first victim, stabbed another, before the company’s COO, Mark Vaughan (also a reserve county deputy) shot his ass. Of course, this scumbag isn’t dead.

This isn’t just a workplace violence issue — although the press is going to play it as one — this is another example of the violence inherent in Islam. Get ready of more of this, unless Americans push back.