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Here’s the quasi-retired president telling us how good we have it…we just don’t know it:

1) Unemployment is at 6.1% because of the massive amount of people who have left the workplace.

2) There’s been almost no private sector growth — 1.8-2.2% — and it hasn’t kept up with inflation. ..

3) …and deficits? Really, this prat is going to claim he’s cut deficits? Mr. $1.5 Trillion a Year in the Hole is going claim he’s cut the federal deficit. The word you’re looking for is “bullshit.”

4) Corporations are doing better? So f#$%ing what — how’s the man on the street doing, between the high gas and food prices, the taxes and federal fees on everything you can think of, and crushing debt for most students?

So right here, Mr. President (I am gesturing to my crotch), you lying sack of monkey crap.