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So, the quasi-retired president decides to “fight Ebola” in Africa with American troops. Better still, the 101st Airborne “will only need gloves and masks” according to General David Rodriguez — one hell of a human being, as well as a commander his men can trust. Keep in mind, with only a little chance of exposure to chemical agents, soldiers were MOPPed up the ass during the Iraqi campaign…but here they are going to “fight” Ebola (I’m guessin’ with anti-viral missiles..?) without being exposed.

Better yet, if you contract the disease in this half-assed mission, the soldier won’t have the same treatment as a civilian might — brought back to the US for “the best treatment you can get before 9 out of 10, you die”…oh no! You’ll be quarantined in fuckin’ Liberia.

“If, God forbid, one of these soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marine contracted this disease, as I mentioned, they would be stabilized, they would be quarantined, we would go through the appropriate protocols…” said the commander of AFRICOM, Maj. Gen. Darryl Williams. Oh, God forbid, Darryl; ‘course, it’s no skin off your nose, right, Mr. Shoulder Stars — not like you’ll be mucking in with the boys. But don’t worry, the people attending to them would be safe. “People would be attending to them in the appropriate PPE [personal protective equipment].”

There’s a point where you have to ask yourself if your command structure deserves your loyalty and obedience. The last six years, increasingly, that answer is “yes.”