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This is another burn the internets-style story, and for good reason. Hell, it was enough to get me to poke my head up after the elections and the predictable gnashing of teeth from Progressives, and hossanahs of conservatives who think the Republicans are going to somehow “save” the nation.

Fort Lauderdale — a lovely beach-side community and the residents want to keep it that way. One problem: homelsessness. Much like any other warm(ish)-weather location in the United States, it draws retirees and others looking to live on the cheap. Some of those folks don’t make it, and they wind up homeless. Homeless people make the retirees and other schwah-schwah folks of the town unhappy. They panhandle, they steal, they destroy the natural beauty of these people’s equity.

Enter 90 year old Arnold Abbott, who with other ministers from the Sanctuary Church,has been feeding the homeless for decades. He prepares hundreds of meals a week, and see the charity as key to keeping the homeless from dumpster diving and illness, or worse, stealing for their meals.



This doesn’t sit well with the usual collection of pukes in the city council and the mayor of the town. A new ordinance to prevent charitable feeding of the homeless was passed, almost certainly as a shot across Abbott’s bow. (This exemplar had already had a legal run-in with the powers-that-be over his actions in the 1990s, and was vindictated by the courts.) Spearheading the effort to push the homeless onto government “assistance” is the classic bad guy — Jack Seiler.


Seiler’s background is not one of Abbott’s selfless humanity. Seiler is a career politician, a Progressive tick from the Democrat party that has meandered about the Floridian political scene — as a member of the Florida House for Broward County, mayor of Wilton Manor, and now Fort Lauderdale — sucking off the taxes of the people. To give him credit, he did win reelection is Fort Lauderdale with 57% of the vote…but that also says a lot about the quality of the people of that community, as well.

Abbott now faces two $500 fines and up to four months in jail, but has been winning support from around the world. You might think that having his Snidley Whiplash-like machinations exposed might soften the response from the mayor; you would be disappointed.

Seiler, true to his Progressive roots and the inherent spite held for the poor, sees this as an act of rebellion against “government assistance”, and that the homeless should be cared for by the state. This attitude is a prime example of the feelings of ownership Progressives have for the citizenry. These homeless are Fort Lauderdale’s to do with as they please, and how dare you interfere!?! Additionally, it shows a lack of respect for the taxes of the people of the community, choosing to force people to pay for historically awful servicing for the homeless by the state, and refusing the more effective, cheaper private charity of the community.

For Seiler, this isn’t about the people involved. This is about the power to coerce the people to seek government handouts and accept the sovereignty of the state. It is an attempt to make subjects of the very people who cannot fight the might of the state, and to subjugate any who would stand in the way of that glorious purpose.

Rarely, do you get a story with as set and easy to identify heroes and villains, and Seiler is almost straight from Central Casting. judging from the tone deafness of Democrats in the last six years, I might expect a governor run from Seiler. But there’s another set of villains here…the people of Fort Lauderdale that put these people in power.

Have no doubt — you did this.

[Update: Heres the contact info for Jack Seiler, the villain of the piece: 954.828.5003 or jack.seiler@fortlauderdale.gov — let him have it.]