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The stupid is lose in teh blogosphere and Facefuckbook. Republicans are gutting Science! with their new HR1422: EPA Scince Advisory Board bill!  Except they’re not. Here’s the link for you people who bother to read the stuff before you crap your pants about the end of the world.

The relevant points are in Section 2 (b):

(2) Each member of the Board shall be qualified by education, training, and experience to evaluate scientific and technical information on matters referred to the Board under this section. The Administrator shall ensure that—

(A) the scientific and technical points of view represented on and the functions to be performed by the Board are fairly balanced among the members of the Board;
(B)at least ten percent of the membership of the Board are from State, local, or tribal governments;
(C)persons with substantial and relevant expertise are not excluded from the Board due to affiliation with or representation of entities that may have a potential interest in the Board’s advisory activities, so long as that interest is fully disclosed to the Administrator and the public and appointment to the Board complies with section 208 of title 18, United States Code;
(D) in the case of a Board advisory activity on a particular matter involving a specific party, no Board member having an interest in the specific party shall participate in that activity;
(E) Board members may not participate in advisory activities that directly or indirectly involve review or evaluation of their own work;
(F) Board members shall be designated as special Government employees; and
(G) no federally registered lobbyist is appointed to the Board.
So if you can actually read, you have to have 1) the proper training and education. So, scientists or engineers connected to the industries being regulated. 2) A connection to the industry does not disqualify you from sitting on the board but being a lobbyist or government shill does. And gasp! (3) If you have  a vested interest in that particular issue you are recused from participating.
So please — settle the fuck down.