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I’m not the only one to notice this, either — from Sean Trende and Ezra Klein over at Real Clear Politics — if Congress allows the president to take legislative action without so much as a fight, this creates precedence in American jurisprudence…the president will be assumed to have those implied powers from this point on.

Maybe that sounds great to those that are one issue voters, critical race theory morons, and Progressives who haven’t seen a government action they haven’t liked, but know this — when you get the next Republican president you don’t agree with, and it will happen sooner than you’d like, they re going to use this action to push their agendas regardless of the legislature, judiciary, and the wishes of the American people…just like Obama did with his de facto amnesty.

This is the issue with factions (or political parties) that Washington warned us of in his farewell address — that the spirit of revenge drives partisans to use the same dirty tricks their opponent used to force what they want on their enemies — and the poor citizens caught in the middle.

Now a president could use this precedence to, say, push a national reciprocity on concealed carry of firearms. I like the idea (and it has much more constitutional founding than the amnesty move); Progressives would flip their lids. He or she could push abortion funding out of the various government medical programs. All on a whim, and in these two cases, have more support than the tepid 38% that support the amnesty executive actions. What’s to stop him from making war without Congressional approval (not that he’s honored that, either…)?

This is the problem with folks who only look beyond their nose: They are terribly surprised when their myopic actions come back to bite them on the ass.

This move, if it goes unchallenged by the Congress — either through blocking funding for the government operation, or by getting off their asses and removing the president from office — will lead to further misuse of office, and the American public will suffer.

But hey…history’s on your side, right?