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It’s a good thing this waste of human flesh is finally leaving the Senate after decades of living on the backs of the American people. (Thanks for the that, by the way, Iowa…) How does this dirtbag celebrate his retirement? He wants to snag $303 million from the Pell Grant program to give as guarantee money to student loan contractors. That’s not all — he’s wanted to gut the program for $2 billion to bail out other federal programs.

So much for the Democrats desire to provide affordable education to the masses.

To be fair, the Pell programs is already $3.6 billion underwater, because your federal employees cant count don’t have any incentive to restrain spending, leading to massive inflation in educational costs from academics that live like poor people winning the lottery. It’s not their money, after all.

At a time when the federal government owns over $1 trillion in student loans, a quarter of which are in default or delinquency, forcing more people to take loans might be, oh, stupid…until you realize the federal government owns those loans and stands to make about $80 billion on interest payments. They want you in debt to the federal government, and don’t much care how that debt is serviced. Then they own you. After all, it’s the only debt you cannot bankrupt out of.