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After Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the infrastructure and bureaucracies of southern Louisiana, education saw an explosion of innovation in styles of education, and different modes of school administration that have increased test scores and graduation rates. From private schools, to charter schools, and other educational arrangements, the move away from warehousing kids for eight hours a day and teaching to half-baked “standards” is working.

So of course, the entrenched interests want to stomp on this improvement as quickly as possible. From the state and local governments that want your tax money, to the educators unions that desperately need public school administrators (because they don’t do s#!t for the teachers) to fill their ranks and coffers, to the technocrats that want to dumb down your kids for a profit (Hi, Houghton McMillan, Pearson Education, ETS, and Microsoft!) — there’s a lot of money and control to be lost over children with school choice.

Because it’s not about the children…it’s about your money.