ExxonMobil’s 2013 earning report showed the company made a whopping $0.055 per gallon of gasoline sold. Compare that to the $0.18 that the federal government makes on a gallon (unless the Democrats get their way and get an increase…and judging from this week, I’m not sure the GOP leadership is going to do much more than roll over and lick Democrat scrotum.) The rest of the taxes that make your gas so damned high? Well that’s you states. The US average is $0.4928 per gallon.

Imagine what you could do with, say, $9 more in your pocket a fill-up (for a standard midsize car.) Imagine how that would effect the cost of shipping things, hence the price of other

Here’s a interactive map from the American Petroleum Institute to show how much in gas taxes you are paying. Or you can just look at the total average below.