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Okay — Today is the third time in as many months that I’ve had to restore my iPad. It’s a iPad Mini w/ 32GB, running the latest iOS8.1.2. The “other” data starts off about 1GB (which strikes me a bit much for settings data) and will bob around that. I was careful about games, this time — thinking that Real Racing 3 or some game was hogging the drive, but saw only a slight rise in the data. Once it started to rise, I deleted all of the game and the data on Game Center. No joy — the data remained.

Then I noticed it was really climbing — shooting up to about 10GB and sitting there, no matter what I did: Sync it: nothing. Deleting music (on the off chance it was album art or some such): nothing. Deleted all the books in iBooks: no effect — still 10GB. Cleared the iCloud storage, cleared caches repeatedly: nothing. Reset everything: no effect. Only Restoring the iPad — which takes forever and is a gigantic pain in the ass — gets it down.

I now suspect, thinking on what I was doing with the device, that streaming movies from iTunes seems to be the culprit. Deleting downloaded movies might take the movie “off the iPad”, but with streaming there seems to be a corresponding jump in Other. My guess is there’s some glitch preventing the data from being cleared or corrupting the drive.

It makes a 32GB iPad pretty frickin’ close to useless in a remarkable amount of time. I’ve not had this issue until this iPad (bought last summer) with the iOS8 upgrade. I don’t see this happen on the iPhone 5S with the same OS…that’s why I dialed down to iTunes (when is it not smack in the middle of issues?) and Video streaming as the culprit; I don’t watch movies on the phone.

I’ve noticed a massive amount of posts in support and around the web on this matter…it might be time for Apple to shift it and do something about the matter. If I’m going to be restricted to surfing the web, email, and little else thanks to the Other issue, it really doesn’t make sense to stick with this device. I can do all that on my laptop, can’t it?

This has apparently been an issue for a lot of people for some time…so Apple, it might be time to sort it, eh?

UPDATE: After scouring the interwebz, I found a few other threats here and there on iMore.com and other sites referring the same thing I’ve been seeing. It’s not downloading videos, it’s streaming video (and some seem to have had issues with streaming audio) from iTunes (not other services.) There are a few different “solutions” — one was to bring up the video again and make sure you run it all the way  end of the file, so that the iPad knows it can dump the file. 2) Do a hard reset — press the home and power button until it resets. Not everyone seemed to have success with this option. 3) Restore the device to its original settings.