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There’s a lot of bullshit flying around about Net Neutrality. As usual, anything the government does “for the people” is immediately suspect. Recently, the FCC decided they wanted to reclassify internet service providers as “public utilities” –Hooray! The people will be protected from rapacious internet companies like Comcast…except they wont.

As with any government regulated service, Comcast, Time-Warner, Cox — they’ll all get a nice sweet deal providing a monopoly on service in selected areas…much like they do now, in many areas, thanks to local and state protectionist intervention. But what about the little guys..?

Here’s Travis Boyd’s story of how he, with a few grand in capital and five years of hard work, set up rural broadband internet for customers in Oregon. His service reaches truly isolated folks in 500 square miles of the state and provides better than federal mandated service. Unfortunately, the state has been locked in a fight with Comcast over taxes that the big internet provider didn’t owe (but paid) and which the state spent. The thieves in the Oregon capital couldn’t return Comcast’s money — they’d already blown it, like a college kid with a credit card — so they had all telecoms reclassified to owe the “Central Assessment” taxes, which included taxes on things like “name brand recognition” and potential coverage area. That’s coverage area you do not actually have.

Add that to the federal rules being worked out that would take small ISPs — which do not get subsidies from the government (but, boy, those big companies do!) and which would find themselves public property after they took the risk to build these companies. They worked all this time for nothing, thanks to the spoiled bitches Americans have become, and the greed and power-mongering of the congenital idiots they keep electing.