The question was instigated by a piece by radio talk show host (and former Chief Michael Garibaldi of Babylon 5) Jerry Doyle.

Our government, this President, our Congress, has done more damage to this country than ISIS, ISIL, al-Shabaab, al-Qaeda, the Taliban and ‘Jihad Johnny’ combined…

Is Doyle right, however? Is our government more dangerous to us than Islamic nutballs? What has ISIS/ISIL done to me (or the United States..?) At best, you could tie the Islam-inspired terror strikes together. That’s cost us a damaged frigate, a crapton of money and 3000 lives in September 2001, a few high-profile, but relatively low-impact incidents (if you weren’t a victim) by small cells or lone religiously or racially-motivated murderers. The total number of deaths or injuries to confirmed terrorism since 9/11/01 is 89 and 415, respectively. This doesn’t count the suffering of the loved ones, nor financial damages, of course, but in the end — more die or are injured in car accidents every day in the United States than over thirteen years of the terror threat.

However, in the last thirteen years, my government has

1) Widely spied on the communications, financial transaction, and political speech of its people,

2) Created convoluted tax rules that hurt middle class people, but protect certain large economic concerns,

3) Stolen a trillion dollars from the people to give to banks that gambled and lost, creating a protracted economic decline,

4) Allowed the Federal Reserve to degrade the value of the dollar, causing inflation that is hitting poor and middle-class Americans (convenient that fuel and food costs aren’t factored into inflation, eh..?)

5) Committed us to numerous conflicts in their War of Terror and War of Drugs that have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and cost us trillions of dollars,

6) Passed the National Defense Authorization Act — a blatantly unconstitutional law that allows for the arrest and indefinite detention of Americans deemed a national security risk,

7)…which created a militarized and overly-violent police force that regularly kills Americans for minor infractions like selling loosies, being homeless, grazing their cattle on “federal” land illegally, and

8) who used asset forfeiture to commit open (and literal) highway robbery on people traveling in multiple states (Indiana, Nevada, and Tennessee being the most egregious) — taking their “suspicious” cash — to those not even accused of a crime having to fight for their homes, businesses, bank accounts,

9) Tangentially, the government has directed that you cannot transfer $10,000 or more without telling them why you are doing it. You cannot repatriate money made in a foreign control without being double dipped on taxes.

10) They have used eminent domain to steal property not for public use but to enrich political donors.

11) Created vast swathes of new regulations that prevent small businesses from being formed, protect monopolies and existing businesses from competition, prevent or seriously harass qualified people from engaging in their professions (NCLB, for instance),

12) Destroyed the not-great, admittedly private health market with vast government intrusion and taxation,

13) Wasted taxpayer money on green energy boondoggles that promptly went out of business (Gee…no money laundering going on here.)

14) Have passed laws governing free speech (hate speech), reducing privacy in the public sphere (surveillance cameras),

15) And now wants to pull passports for people who owe the IRS money,

16) All while nationalizing student loans so that you are perpetually in debted to the government, with zero legal recourse to relieve yourself of the debt if your life falls apart. (Debtors’ prisons and forced labor in three…two…one…)

And I’m supposed to worry about terrorists and illegal immigrants..?