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From The Washington Post comes the story of a not-so-lovely “lady” — Penn State sociology professor and self-profressed “revolutionary”, Karen Halnon. Hlanon was arrested at Miami International Airport after she decided rules didn’t apply to her (she is, after all, a revolutionary) and after being called out on her assholishness, decided to go on a long, loud diatribe on Latin America revolutionary politics and conspiracy theory.

Best yet, the whole thing — of course — was caught on phone video. Enjoy the stupid…

And here, parents, is what you are paying $50,000 for: Your young kids, who are most likely already behind the curve on the critical thinking skills thanks to similar gits teaching at your schools, get exposed to over-read, but under-experienced halfwits like this — wannabe revolutionaries who were weaned on [pick your favorite] victim studies, and maybe well-traveled enough to have done a week’s “research” vacation in a slightly dodgy part of the world.

Even better than the plane incident, Halnon claims she was “tortured” by the FBi and TSA when she was made to sit alone in a security room for her “civil disobedience” whereupon she let The Man have it by shitting in the corner. About what you’d expect from a woman arrested in 2013 for drunk and disorderly.

While she might be an extreme example of the academic idiocracy currently ruling the faculty lounges of the United States, she is not unusual in her beliefs — the same lightweight Progressive or Fabian socialism of the 19th Century, the same reverence for murderous buggers like Chavez or Castro (but our murderous bastards…they’re the real bastards!), who’ve never done an actual day of work in their lives but claim solidarity with working folks who wouldn’t have a moment’s time for them (since they’re actually working), and who think reading a few hundred books in a very specialized area of [pick your liberal art] that all reference the same dozen or so polemics from the 1960s.

Outside of Penn State, which still can’t decide to fire this nutjob because she’s probably the doll of her department at PSU-Abington, someone like this is simply a punchline. But she’ll be teaching your kids (because childhood apparently lasts into your mid-30s) all about how Venezuela is a wonderful place that would be a paradise if we would just Maduro control the supply of toilet paper. I’m sure if she had been arrested in Caracas, she wouldn’t have had to take a dump while waiting for her arraignment…

Just in case you want to read a bit more of the sort of thought-crushing nonsense this woman spews — you may be short on entertainment this morning — here’s her interview with Philadelphia regarding her arrest…with my interjections, of course.

Can you comment on your arrest and on the videos of you on the plane that are circulating?
I do have a comment. I know that I expressed an act of civil disobedience. But that act was necessary.

Why so?
I’m very knowledgable about that part of the world. I teach about U.S. imperialism in Latin America. And the U.S. has declared war against Venezuela. That means military aggression. They tried to take out Hugo with a coup, and then they took him out with cancer. (me: That was because our earthquake and weather control machines were being repaired…)

It is my opinion — and Fidel agrees with me …

As in Castro?
Yes, Fidel (me: She knows him personally. Really!) agrees with me that the CIA had some involvement in giving him cancer, and so he died very sadly. And now Nicolas Maduro is the president and the U.S. somehow thinks this is a better position for the U.S. now.

It’s not?
No, what they don’t realize is that Maduro is carrying on the revolution. It’s not like Raul in Cuba. There is every intention of carrying on the revolution. Fifty more years.

What is the revolution revolting against?
The problem is U.S. military global domination. And they want the oil. And they want the water. And so I found that this act was a necessary Thoreau-like act of civil disobedience. I had to speak out now. The situation is dire and urgent, and any sacrifice I make for my own self, if it saves lives — there have been far too many lives lost due to U.S. global military domination. (me: Last sentence — she’s not wrong there.)

What happened once you landed in Miami?
The FBI and TSA tortured me. My voice generally doesn’t sound like this. (me: that would be “like a crazy person.”) I was put in a room with two fans in the ceiling, it was freezing cold for hours and hours and hours. I asked repeatedly to go to the bathroom. They made me wet my pants. They humiliated me. And then to make matters worse, I have a stomach condition. Everything that comes in goes out. I’ve been like that for months since I left Cuba. I’ve lost over 30 pounds. And I was yelling that I had to go to the bathroom. But they ignored me, and I defecated on the floor. And they made me pick it up and laughed at me. (me: I thought the superior Cuban medicine would have cured her…)

That’s awful. But what of the cigarette? One reporter who covered your actions said that lighting a cigarette on a plane is just a little better than yelling “BOMB!”
Why did I have a lighter if there is such great national security? It was right in the top of my book bag. (me: Good point. Airport security is pretty much just theater.)

Listen, the point is, I am a sociologist, and I live in an intellectual world. (me: Ah! the “We live in a world of ideas” theme other educated but wholly disconnected from reality professors have thrown around.) A sociologist always thinks in terms of symbols. And every revolutionary I know smokes. It was identifying with the revolutionary cause. And then, beyond that, it is a symbol that the United States is a smoking gun. The action was necessary. They are going to kill many more people.

Some people would look at that video and wonder if you were under the influence of a substance. And I know you pleaded guilty in 2013 in Horsham Township to public drunkenness. Do you have a substance abuse issue?
No. I do not have a substance abuse issue. I have had many sufferings in my life, but no. I had a little bottle of wine on the plane that I mixed with apple and cranberry juice over three drinks. A spritzer, if you will. But I wasn’t drunk. I don’t need alcohol to protest. (me: But it does make her protestations much more enjoyable for the people being inconvenienced.) This is my life.

I am passionate about being an anti-imperialist. To follow Jesus is to be with the poor, to be with the suffering, to be with the oppressed, and to be anti-imperialist.

I made some mistakes here, but it wasn’t a mistake to speak out. I would do it again today. Ask anyone who knows me.

And this is one of the reasons why enrollments at colleges are off roughly 20% per annum over the last three to four years.