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The Daily Caller brings us the saga of Andy Slavitt — the Deputy Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It seems when Shift Andy showed up to work at the CMS, he got a nice $4.8 million from a bunch of the medical care corporations he would allegedly stick it to. Tax-free. Then he dumped a bunch of stock in the same companies for a cool $7.2 million. All of this was “legal”, of course, since government officials can get “certificates of divestiture” so they can defer their capital gains while in office.

Then there’s the “ethic waiver” he got so this bought-and-paid-for turdsack could continue to “legally” work for the agency managing those companies he’s worked for and invested in. Nice to see our would-be aristocracy can go about their business without having to hold to the same rules you smelly, half-educated troglodytes have to. Whew!

At least we know that the Obama administration is doing everything it can to be transparently awful about double standards and corruption.

It’s also an important lesson for idiots who want to tout government regulation as the panacea to all our ills: When you empower one side of a criminal conspiracy…you’ve empowered the entire conspiracy.