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So…after taking the Senate and holding the House, you would think that the Republican leadership might show some kind of move to temper the worst moves of the Obama administration, but fear not, Democrats! the GOP elite have shown themselves to be the exact same tone-deaf sots as Reid and his bunch. And Republicans, the uncomfortable feeling in your backside is Mitch McConnell and Company, currently humping you while protecting their power and access to your money.

Mitchy and the Moochers have decided that getting rid of the law currently destroying your access to healthcare, raising both your premiums and deductables — oh, and your taxes! — as well as giving the taxman new and interesting powers to climb into your rectum is just too dangerous, and if the Supreme Court rightly strikes the federal subsidies down in King v Burwell the GOP will ride to the rescue and keep the money train rollin’. Their excuse is the 2016 election, of course, and the fear of losing voters in the White House run.

There are several reasons why this argument is complete bullshit. 1) No one who is voting in 2016 to preserve Obamacare is going to vote Republican…ever. 2) No one who has been humped by Obamacare (like yours truly) is going to vote for a Democrat president…ever. In the case of Obamacare, it’s a zero-sum game — you will keep the GOP faithful and a lot of angry independents; you will not lose Democrats. They’re already in Honalee with Puff the Magic Dragon and the Amazing Endless Money Tree.

Simply put, the Senate Republicans — just like the Democrats — think of themselves as aristocrats. And like aristocrats, they feel you exist for one reason: to give them money and power. Obamacare is a lot of money coming into the federal coffers for these septuagenarian ticks to spend as they feel. They want the money as badly as the Democrats do, because they are all indebted to the health insurance industry, an industry that was certainly not destroyed or damaged by Affordable Care Act, but given government mandates to make you buy their overpriced product.

Additionally, Mitchy and Moochers showed themselves to be the same abusive turds as Democrats by throwing Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act up for renewal, despite the Judiciary Committee working on reform of this part of the legislation which authorizes the domestic spying programs that have angered pretty much everyone on the planet not connected to intelligence or law enforcement. It’s a move which will anger Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and House, not to mention everyone else tired of the growth of the police state. There are suggestions that McConnell did this to placate the military-intelligence-law enforcement-industrial complex that has grown out of control since 2001 (and especially since 2006…) while knowing that the libertarian-leaning Republicans in the House will kill it, allowing him to shrug it off with the Big Security types with an “I tried…”

Certainly, there is something to this, however, it is symptomatic of a political class that views the people as nothing more than a cash cow to be milked and a bunch of bumpkins they are pissed they have to go hat in hand to every election cycle. They hate and distrust the middle class — you have just enough money and power with the vote to screw things up for these wannabe dukes and duchesses, you expect them to respect you when they know you are beneath them (Why don’t you!?!), and they fear the day you get tired of being fleeced which is why their main “terror” concern is with Americans figuring out that they don’t really need this collection of idiots and criminals. That’s why they fear veterans, people with guns, people that want to stop the spying…you are their enemy, and the only way to distract you from the difference between their interests and yours is to jawjack about Islamic terrorism and Iran — threats, certainly, but nowhere as immediate and dangerous as our elected officials.