So, this thing has been banging around Facebook for a while and today it gave me impetus that the constant idiocy of the infant campaign season has not to comment:

10432940_625378630928652_5197022577243729446_nLook at those numbers. The average household in the United States in 2014 made just shy of $52,000 a year (down from the high of $56,000 in the late ’90s, but the people that constantly interfere with your life — by making it harder to start a business thanks to taxes and regulation, that wrecked your ability to get cheap insurance with ACA, that start wars they don’t even intend to win, that have “brought the War to the Homeland” (That quote was Lindsey Graham, prospective presidential candidate) and have made traveling a pain in the ass between the TSA in the airports, Border Patrol “near” your borders, and the ridiculous gasoline prices that are partly due to their interference in the value of your money, which they’ve steadily degraded with their ham-fisted, bungling efforts to destroy the middle class — they make almost four times what you do a year.

This is not a screed about the evils of capitalism — there are a lot of people that get wealthy making sure that the products you need or desire are there to buy, that people have jobs making that stuff, and do things. It’s not even a screed about the bankers that provide a lot of the capital to allow the doers to do…while all the while gambling with your money on derivatives and other get rich quick schemes.

These are public officials that are purported to serve us…do you feel served? Or does the burger-flipper who makes $18,000 a year (and yes, kids, that’s all your labor is worth) do more for you every day? Have any of their big ticket programs helped you — outside of the massive federal bureaucracy? We keep getting told the roads are shit, that the TSA can’t find 95% of the contraband that passed through their gates, and that the schools don’t teach. What do these all have in common? Federal money and regulation.

People are bitching about police violence and the militarization of law enforcement (yours truly, included — but at least I’m not stupid enough to follow that up by opining the police should be the only people with guns…’cause that can’t go wrong.) We jail more people, mostly for moronic, non-violent drug offenses, than any other nation on the planet — including the truly evil ones like North Korea, China, or pretty much every Middle Eastern nation. Ho could this happen..? Oh, that’s right, government and their “wars” on ephemeral things and ideas. Their Title IX laws are now used to shut people up at universities about the country because it “triggers” their desire to be victims and get free shit from a lawsuit. Thanks, government!

And these people make $175,000 to a quarter million a year. To ruin your life. The president, who is essentially a figurehead, gets almost half a million dollars. This is the “rich” you should be angry at. These people harm you every day, and you pay them for the privilege. Worse, you admire them for it. They get rich off of you — $175,000 to a quarter million for life is a pretty damned good setup, isn’t it? And they’ll earn more lobbying against your interests after they leave office.

Let’s focus on another issues: FOR LIFE! I find the notion your company should pay for your ass after you leave their employment untoward. You allegedly got paid a fair wage, and you didn’t save for your retirement? That’s on you, dipshit. once you leave the company, you should be making a go of it yourself. Or you could rely on the same idiots we were just talking about to take care of you with $12,000 a year. You’d be better off, and would probably live longer and feel more useful if you got a job flipping burgers. Do you think, after boning you for the average 32 years they’re in Congress, they deserve to keep getting paid?

There are still about a third of the population that look to government as a solution to every problem. They look at the organs of the state as some extrahuman thing that is inherently noble, instead of recognizing it as a scam by hundreds of thousands of elected and appointed officials, who live off your backs and provide very little in return.  These same people tend to also vote for one party, thinking that somehow the difference between Democrat and Republican is important. These people all go the same schools, are in the same social clubs, get jobs in the same institutions, and they protect their own. Even the ones that break into the game by luck or hard fought lying and cheating become them.

They do not deserve your allegiance, nor your respect and obedience, and so long as you give them this, they will own you.