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After desperately trying to gin up support from the American public for yet another Middle Eastern war, only t be told — resoundingly — to go pound Iraqi sand, now we’re being told that the Islamic State in Syria (ISIS) has “enough nuclear material to build a dirty bomb.” You may now panic. Done? Good.

It was an excuse so good, we’re going to use it a second time!

So, where did ISIS get this material? I know that Saddam supposedly had nuk-u-ler material lying all over the place, just waiting for the right moment to leap into action, and that was why we had to raid the country. Maybe they found it in that broom closet we missed? Maybe they got it from Pakistan, as the Indian intelligence services claimed — because Pakistan is, for the Indians (and much like the Israelis for the Muslim world, are) responsible for everything from sunspots to hair loss.

Or could this all be another round of bullshit..?