Okay, everyone get breathlessly, outrageously outraged — some of the Secret Service guys guarding the White House don’t have security clearances!!! Have you finished panicking? Good.

Let’s start with a simple, but radical premise: Why should we be protecting these people in the first place? You can make a good case that the president is privy to a multitude of sensitive policies and information…or at least one that attended their intelligence briefings might be. So, alright, maybe we provide him with some bodyguards to prevent kidnapping…but what happens if the president, or any other politician were killed..?

We elect, or somebody appoints, another idiot just like the last one.

That’s the beauty of our system — these people are by definition expendable Why does the mayor of New York City have a 12 man team on him at all times..? He a mayor, for [enter your deity] sake. Get another halfwit, roll on. How about the Speaker of the House — there are about half the House of Representatives to choose from if he buys it. Senate: same. We have a vice president just for this exact reason.

Once they’re out of office, the procedures and codes, and other “sensitive” information and data should be changed. Should. They are essentially, civilians, again — why the hell are e wasting Secret Service guys on Jimmy Carter? The guy didn’t know what was going on in 1979, much less 2015. Let him pay for his own damned protection. Maybe they should all be paying for their own protection (and plane fares…)

(How much you wanna bet I get a couple of humorless pukes at my door over this one..?)