In an event that should have surprised no one, the Office of Personnel Management was hacked — most likely by the Chinese government — and the records more 4 million current federal employees released into the wild, including those of personnel with high-level security clearances. Like covert agents, for example.

From Wired to the newrags to the morons we’ve placed in charge, there will inevitably be a new push for “cybersecurity” legislation that will further intrude into people’s lives. The buzz words will be encryption, quantum computing, access management, breech prevention…and none of it is going to work 100% of the time.

What you won’t hear is the staggeringly obvious. Take the damned secured information off the damned internet. One more time: Do not pull your damned computer with secret intelligence or information into the internet. You desperately need to pass the data back and forth immediately? (And no…you don’t.) Come up with an intranet that does not connect to the outside world. Have a dedicated series of machines you can shift the data to with a thumb drive, then send. Couriers.

If it’s really that important: Do not put it on the internet!

The cost of this new security roll-out? The cost of paying your IT guys to pull the ethernet cables out of the desktops and to shut down the Wifi you should n’t have had up and running in your secured facility in the first place.