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Stop if you’ve heard this one: Some racist turdbag walks into a black church and shoots it up. Naturally, the gun is at fault…

If the church shooting, which is certainly a horrific crime, but would a kid this filled with hatred have committed murder had he not gained access to a gun? A pickup truck (it’s South Carolina…stereotype much, Scott?) is a good weapon — three tons of plastic and metal kills really effectively, even when your target’s in another vehicle. Knives seem pretty damned effective, as one who has been stabbed. Ever had someone drum on your skull with a baseball bat or claw hammer? You’d wish it had been a gun. (By the way, up until very recently, most murders in the United States were committed with the good ol’ Louisville Slugger, according to the FBI crime stats.)

So, do we address the kid that committed the act? Nope — time to have yet another “national debate” on guns from Progressives who want to disarm folks so they can’t say “no” to whatever lunacy the political class wants to foist on us. You know…the debate they’ve lost repeatedly since the Second Amendment was penned to keep the political class from running roughshod over the people. Like passing disastrous health care laws that enrich insurance companies and bankrupt middle class Americans.

But this time, we get to see how the political class pulls together on things like this. Enter infamous gasbag Karl Rove — mastermind of a couple of useless wars and “compassionate conservatism” (catchy!) — a conservative repackaging of Progressive ideas with a bit of God thrown in.

There’s been a lot of gnashing of teeth on the conservative (and libertarian) wing of the Republican party concerning John Boehner and the establishment’s willingness to accede to policies that might be considered progressive. That’s because the average American does not understand that both parties are steeped in Progressivism, and have been since Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency. modern conservatism simply retains the Christian reformist streak that was so prevalent in progressivism before being an atheist and lightweight socialist became hip in Democratic circles in the 1930s.

More than their ideology, however, is that all of these people, in both party leadership — both elected and appointed — are from the same class of people: kids of academics or government functionaries, educated in the Ivy League, mingling at the same social and country clubs, marrying into each other’s families, sitting on the same boards of think tanks and companies. They view you simply as something to be milked for cash and obedience. And lately, the American people have been a bit restive and uncooperative when they’ve wanted to start a new war (Syria), let bankers off the hook for what is economic terrorism, then tax them more for the opportunity (Tea Parties, at the beginning), wreck their health care (ACA), give their money to illegal aliens, and then try to disarm them.

But it’s been a few news cycles since the standoff at the Bundy Ranch nearly caused civil war in the American Southwest, and there’s been a few murders with guns. LEt’s try that last bit again. If we get their guns, they can’t fight back! This time, however, the progressives might finally have some allies — tied of being bucked by the People — on the conservative side.

Meanwhile, in China — 33 dead and 130 injured in a knife attack. Sound familiar? When are we going to have a national debate on banning knives?