Here’s a nice companion piece for the South Carolina nonsense…

Kalashnikov is releasing a new 9mm pistol called the Lebedev —

---------------------------------_---------------------660x459Note, US gun manufacturers, the fully ambidextrous controls. That’s right, gun companies, there are these strange aberrations in humankind called “lefties” — sometimes they’re fully left-handed, sometimes they shoot left handed because they’re left eye dominant. And strangely, it’s much easier for them to use your product when the safety and slide catch levers are on the right side of the pistol. Added bonus is you put the magazine release there, as well.

But — that’s expensive! Not if you design your new guns to be fully ambi, period.

Even old designs like the 1911 can easily be made ambi, at least for the slide stop and slide catch. So just do it for every gun and you have an economy of scale. It’s cheaper than knocking out the occasional ambi gun for “those people”.

And ho are you calling “those people”, anyway!