Really, Yamaha? You’re going to make a bike that is a solid-gold, guaranteed hit with the younger motorcyclist crowd — Ducati Scrambler, anyone? — and then you exclude the largest market in the world?

Wake the hell up, Yamaha, and get this to the United States. Why am I not buying this thing, right now!?!

In case you’ve not seen it:

Yes, Cycle World, I snagged your picture.

Yes, Cycle World, I snagged your picture. I also linked to you.

Pure sex. Take an FZ-07, make it look less like a bug and more like a motorcycle. 70hp and 50 ft-lbs of torque put it in the same general category at the Scrambler and the Triumph Thruxton, but with a six-speed and 410 lbs… and water cooling (shut up, purists!)

You can read more about it over at Cycle World.