My ex-wife swore by Rock Islands for their quality and out of the box accuracy. She had owned a number of their 1911s — mostly Officer Model .45s to replace a Colt 1991A1 Officer’s that someone stole. (You suck, someone!) She also owned a full-size Government Model. We never had issues with function on any of them, and if there was a issue to be had, it was crappy finish on the pistols.

Recently, I traded a Kimber Stainless Pro Carry .45 for an early-build Rock Island TCM — a full-size that shoots 9mm or the .22TCM — mostly because I wanted to consolidate the number of calibers I have to buy.

The TCM works great, is more accurate — by far — than the Kimber was, but when using the .22TCM round, would occasionally have issues ejecting. A quick internet search showed the culprit to be the older extractor. Armscor replaced the part with no questions asked and had it to me in a week. No more issues.

I decided to pick up an extra magazine. I also ordered the wrong magazine. They had me send the mag back and refunded my money…then the proper replacement mag showed up yesterday.

So, I have to say, Rock Island/Armscor is easily one of the easiest, best arms companies I have ever dealt with. Excellent and fast customer service, solidly-built products.