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One of the most frustrating things for me when dealing with academia, or any “intelligentsia” of any kind is the inability to carry a line of thinking through to it’s logical conclusion. This video is proof of the kind of tanged thinking you have to have to make a statement which has a strong thesis — often supported by evidence — which you then fuck up by refusing to recognize that your particular “team” is guilty of the same things — be it a lack of adherence to an ideal, ignoring the law, using their connections to enrich a small few, lying to their public and followers…

This was one of the main concerns of George Washington on leaving office — that “factions” (political parties) inevitably led to a spirit of malice and retribution, and created artificial camps of identification. It’s just like having an allegiance to a particular sports team because you liked the jerseys, or they did well that year you got interested in the sport. You’re a [insert team] fan for life! despite poor performance, a lack of regional connection, or any other good reason. The same with political party — your family are all Democrats, or you were raised a Republican, or you really agree with that stance on a particular platform issue that your party has inconveniently refused to hold the line on — abortion, guns, mercantilism (crony capitalism), spending, taxing, [insert fringe group] rights…

They count on your allegiance to “the cause”, and your emotion overriding your reason.

And you prove them right, every time.