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EdSource is highlighting the deleting of 15 years of standardized test score data by California’s Department of Education, in a desperate attempt to avoid people seeing what an unmitigated disaster Common Core has been. they’ve pulled test results for math and English from 1998, expunged the STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) database. They haven’t touched other subjects, like history, where the standards haven’t altered.

There’s one reason for this: the test scores are going to suck like a ten-penny whore. Badly. A lot. And they knew it would — in 2013, the Superintendent of of Public Instruction, pushed for a law that would prevent the state from comparing test results prior to the implementation of Common Core and the CAASPP California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress.

The CC supporters tell us that’s because the stardards are more rigorous and the tests “harder” It’s not fair to compare them. Except it is. Test scores have remained steady for decades, despite huge influxes of funding from the federal government. Money isn’t solving anything, but it has built massive public education bureaucracies that fail the children at every step.

As for the rigor and difficulty…having neices and nephews dealing with this technocratically-created collection of bullshit, the tests are certainly harder. The amount of homework is crushing and will lead students to learn less as they give up or get bored. The teachers have zero ability to tailor their lessons and they spend more time doing paperwork and “teaching the test.” And the whole time, Microsoft, Pearson, and EDS are making tons of money while your kids fail.