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This seemed particularly timely in light of the rampant insanity that is going on at the University of Missouri…

The absolute lunacy of allowing alleged young adults — whinging children, really — to demand resignations of faculty for imagined slights (as t Yale), requiring apologies from the administration; for a professor of little note to openly threaten a student reporter with violence at University of Missouri; for black students to concoct an “event” (to be kind) by the Ku Klux Klan on campus (since proved a hoax) — these are all the natural outgrowth of a spoiled, lazy culture, where kids were raised to not have their “feelz” hurt — reality be damned — and made worse by 50 years of academic malfeasance and idiocy, where professors framed every single aspect of human endeavor in the tired dialectic lens of “oprressed-oppressor” making everyone a victim due to the sex, race, heritage, sexuality, and framing it in post-colonial (itself a cheap knock-off of Marxist dialectic, just with imperial power v. colony as the axis of power) narratives where whitey, the Patriarchy™, or straight due are “colonizing” the [enter your favorite cause this week.]

When you push this sort of bullshit into the center of every part of human life, don’t be surprised when it bites you on the ass. Now those spoiled brats you raised to think they were the victim and entitled to having their feelings ensconced in a warm Snuggy of Approval® are finished going after the counter-revolutionaries they think they’ve cowed into submission (just wait ’til you get a real job, Sunshine!), so they’re feasting on the insufficiently enthusiastic members of their own tribe.