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Here’s an excellent piece by Ben Swann putting together all the news reports and facts you didn’t pay attention to until there was a “humanitarian crisis” attached to it.

Simply put — American nation-building efforts hollowed out a country and created a breeding ground for these creatures. But it’s not ineptitude, it’s hubris, that made ISIS jump from a bunch of punks to a small, but global, terror player today. President Obama insisted on playing around in awful but stable countries like Libya, Egypt, and Syria, and weakened those regimes. Evil little men like John “Angry Gnome” McCain and Lindsey “Bring the War to the Homeland” Graham pushed to help the “poor rebels” because these bastards love the idea of getting your kids killed in glorious combat. Worse, McCain — a bumbling moron since he came out of the Naval Academy — even put his pasty, fat mug out there to show his approval for the raping, beheading pricks he’s now claiming to hate.

Worse, is that the Ivy League political class in both parties, are so assured of their positions and superiority, that they push this policy of nation-building, even in the face of complete failures like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and Syria. Both parties. And the idiots in both parties rail against the wars of “the other side” while they tout “their side.” Try finding an anti-war Democrat…I’ll wait.

These “smart people” we have in office are puppets. The half-assed bombing runs against ISIS aren’t meant to destroy them, but keep them contained and active, to keep the money flowing for banks and oil companies that are profiting with these monsters; to keep the military contractors making money on their gear as we sell it to the Free Syrian Army, only to have it pushed to ISIS. That’s not a “bug”‘ that’s a “feature” of this low, “manageable” conflict. If we put people into Syria, it will be a replay of the same nonsense we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan — fighting just enough to pretend we’ll win any day, while extending the conflict as long as possible to keep the money flowing.

The refugee crisis and the inevitable terror cell attacks that will be linked (rightly or wrongly) to them, are meant to engender public sentiment to keep this fight going. It’s all a show, and one which your “news” agencies are actively complicit in.