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I’ve tried to explain to peole that the “They hate us for our freedom” nonsense is just that, and that most of the reason fir the rise of militant Islam is that, in the war of cultures, the West is winning. 

While I disagree with his inevitable cri de guerre, Nichols hits all the right reasons for the violence of the jihadis, to whit — they love our cultures, our freedoms too much

If we truly want to win the war, the key is not wondering why they hate us. It’s not trying to understand and placate them. It’s to stop kow-towing to the “intellectuals” that decry anything Western — be it capitalism (but by all means critique mercanitilism — or as we’re calling it, crony capitalism),  American films and music, be it the colonial histories of the Europeans (and America ), or the whining of the “Victim’s Studies” types currently twattling about “Black Lives Matter” or microaggressions, or safe spaces.

It’s okay to be proud of your country, your culture — even with the warts, your history, and that enthusiasm will strengthen your culture against the onslaugt of this antidiluvian, hateful bunch.

For a good idea of how this Western need to over-critique and question themselves hollows out cultures, have a look at Michel Houellebeqc’s excellent near-future political/philosophical novel, Submission.